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Ameco provides line maintenance services at Beijing Daxing International Airport


Ameco has obtained the line maintenance license authorized by EASA for Airbus A330, A350 and Boeing 787-8/9, as well as the line maintenance license authorized by CAAC for Air China's fleet and 8 types of aircraft for the third-party customers in Beijing Daxing International Airport. 

On September 25, 2019, with an Air China Boeing 747-8 taking off from Beijing Daxing International Airport, Ameco officially begun it’s line maintenance service at Daxing Airport. 

In order to provide reliable operation support for the flight operating at Daxing Airport, Ameco has made preparations such as support personnel selection, equipment required for line maintenance, aircraft status screening, layover plan, materials and vehicles, transportation, emergency plan, etc. Ameco completed the new airport network security and front-end IT equipment start-up tasks, and realized full connectivity between Daxing Airport's various businesses and the headquarters. 

The approvals of CAAC and EASA can meet the needs of providing Air China fleet with line maintenance services and undertaking the 3rd party customers’ line maintenance business at Daxing airport. 

Ensuring the smooth operation of Air China's fleet at Daxing Airport marks a solid first step for Ameco to maintain its " Two markets in one city " line maintenance layout in Beijing. Ameco will provide reliable line maintenance services for customers at Daxing Airport with high-quality maintenance services and all-round technical strength.

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